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Manufacturers of Machines Tools And Micro Slitter

At SME, research and development have been extensively carried ou,t as the most important programme in its production activity by through investigation into the problem on Micro Slitters. We have developed what we sincerely believe to be the most advanced and efficient mechanism to suit the purpose of producing metallic yarn.

Our micro slitters and winders cover every possible requirement of today's industries where yarn is produced & used.

The "Micro Slitter" is a general name given to both slitter and winder for producing fine yarn 0.15 mm 1 mm wide.

S. M. Engineering is a Company in Surat - Gujarat - India who has Pioneered Manufacturing Micro Slitting Machine. The Only Company that has Mastered the Subject. Micro Slitting. The Company Founded & Established in Year 1957 has a track Record of Producing Precision Machine Tools as well.

Manufacturers of Machines Tools And Micro Slitter